Day 03 – September 14th 2021

THEME: Celebrating The Heroes

A ceremony format during which time the full group of attendees from each country or group will be called to the stage to be recognized and celebrated for all of their contributions to Covid 19 treatment. Each country/group will choose a representative who will be given the opportunity to speak. Their choice of topic should be presented comprehensively to an audience of professionals, media and the general public.
The invitation to come to the stage will be accompanied by a video for each country or group (or for countries/groups from whom we receive material or retrieve material from the Internet)

LOCATION: Open Space – via delle Terme di Traiano 4, Rome, Italy

Who: The seats will be filled with all Summit attendees, media and spectators. Main stage seats approximately 150 people. Extra seating will be set up in a separate area with large LED screen holds up to 500 people.

  • 2:00pm – Dr. Zelenko video
  • 2:10pm – Welcome and invitations to stage begin
  • 2:15pm – Ippocrates Group
  • 2:25pm – Italian Group 1
  • 2:35pm – Italian Group 2
  • 2:45pm – Croatia (2:45pm, Zagreb)
  • 2:55pm – Testimonial
  • 3:15pm – Bulgaria (4:15pm Sofia)3:25pm – Africa Group (4:25pm, Tanzania; 3:25pm, South Africa; 2:25pm, Nigeria; 1:25pm, Mali)
  • 3:35pm – Poland (3:35pm, Warsaw)
  • 3:45pm – Romania (4:45pm, Bucharest)
  • 3:55pm – Spain (3:55pm, Madrid)
  • 4:05pm – United Kingdom (3:05pm, London)
  • 4:15pm – Break (20 minutes)
  • 4:35pm – France (4:35pm, Paris)
  • 4:45pm – Brazil (11:45am, Rio de Janeiro)
  • 4:55pm – Canada (10:55am, Toronto)
  • 5:05pm – Testimonial
  • 5:15pm – Bolivia (11:15am, La Paz)
  • 5:25pm – Argentina (12:25am, Bueno Aires)
  • 5:35pm – Paraguay (11:35am, Asuncion)
  • 5:45pm – Peru (10:45am, Lima)
  • 5:55pm – USA Group 1 (11:55am, New York, NY)
  • 6:05pm – USA Group 2
  • 6:15pm – Closing Address – Dr. Robert Malone (USA) With Collective Zoom All Countries
  • 6:30pm – End Of Program

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